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Privacy Policy

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[Privacy Policy]

We respect our users' privacy and therefore handle private information in the following ways.

1. How we think about the protection of our users' personal information
We collect personal information when we receive inquiries and estimate requests from our customers.
We realize the importance of our customers personal information and handle said information in the following ways:
We comply with personal information protection laws and regulations and always strive to improve the way in which we handle data.
All rules concerning the proper handling of personal information is made clear to all of our employees. This is also done for all business partners.
When personal information is required, the purpose for which it will be used is published. We always follow in accordance to said purpose.
We take appropriate measures to ensure all data is safe and not disclosed, lost, or falsified.
When personal information is no longer necessary, it may be deleted without prior notice.

2. Purpose and use of personal information
Personal information may be used for the following purposes.
In the case a response is required for a customer's inquiry, estimate request, document request, etc.
In the case goods or documents must be shipped to the customer.
If personal information is to be used for any other purpose, it is done so only after obtaining said individual's permission and consent.
However, personal information may be disclosed to legal authorities without prior notice.

3. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
Personal information will not be shared with third parties except in the following cases.
In the case a customer requests documents or goods to be shipped through a proxy.
In the case a customer requests a third party contracter for production, development, administration, or management.
Even if the customer requires a proxy or external contractor, all information is managed appropriately as third party companies must sign confidentiality

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